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Sand Ridge Prairie Christmas Tree Farm

Ogle county
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The Prairie Preservation Society of Ogle County (PPSOC), a nonprofit organization, will sell Christmas trees at Sand Ridge Prairie, (the former Cut-It-Yourself Sinnissippi Tree Farm) located on 2879 S.Daysville Rd. in rural Oregon.  Sales will run from Nov 27th - Dec. 23 from 10 am–4 pm on weekends and 2-4 pm on weekdays.

Find the perfect tree for your family’s holiday celebrations and leave Sand Ridge with the sense of satisfaction that only a successful hunt can create. Beautiful trees, left by the former Sinnissippi Tree Farm purchased by the PPSOC, have been trimmed to beautiful shapes and will be sold to pay for the 82 acre site which contains high quality prairie remnants.

Sand Ridge is surrounded by towering white pines which block the sight of cornfields and houses. It is a place set apart – a peaceful sanctuary from the everyday and is a great place to visit even without the bonus of the Christmas trees. With hills of waving prairie grasses and forbs (wild flowers), stands of spruce, fir and pine, it provides a quiet beauty and sense of peace to those fortunate enough to stop there. The sound of the breezes in the evergreens and their invigorating scent provides a moment transported to the north woods.

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Address: 2879 S.Daysville Rd
City: Oregon
State: IL
Zipcode: 61061
County: Ogle
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