Vintage Cousins Emporium and Build-A-Pet

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Vintage Cousins Emporium and Build-A-Pet

318 1st Ave
Sterling, IL 61081
Whiteside County
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The owners of the Vintage Cousins Emporium and The Emporium Build-A-Pet have spent many years becoming so much more than cousins, they are the best of friends. Heather & Brenda love going to auctions and sales to collect and repurpose items along with creating a variety of crafts. They also love to throw a great party so they decided to combine it all to open their unique store.

While the front of the store is a fun shopping experience the back of the store offers a unique build-a-pet experience. The Emporium Build-A-Pet also, offers an opportunity for kids to celebrate their birthday while creating a t-shirt for the pet they make.

Closed Monday & Tuesday
 10a to 6p Wednesday thru Saturday
 noon to 5p on Sunday.

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318 1st Ave
(815) 632-3186
Published in: Specialty Shopping
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