StoryWalk® at Oregon Park West

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StoryWalk® at Oregon Park West

West Oregon Trail Rd
Oregon, IL 61061
Ogle County
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The StoryWalk®   is located in Oregon Park West where reading stations are spaced out on the path and present books to park visitors while enjoying the natural beauty and benefits of Oregon Park West.

A StoryWalk® is a book that has been disassembled, laminated and presented page by page to promote reading and exercise on a trail, bike path, or in store windows and as you stroll, you are directed to the next page in the story.

The Oregon Public Library StoryWalk® is funded by E.D.Etnyre Company, through the Etnyre Foundation.

Many of the books planning to be shared on the StoryWalk® were generously donated by George and Kathy Bouska, long-time residents and teachers of Oregon.

“It has always been about promoting early literacy, physical activity, and family time together in nature. Its success is due to partners, partners, partners that understood from very early on how this idea could be used to bring a fun and educational family activity to their community.”
Anne Ferguson, founder of the StoryWalk ®

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West Oregon Trail Rd
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