Oregon Sculpture Trail

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Oregon Sculpture Trail

various locations in Oregon
Oregon, IL 61061
Ogle County
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The historical sculpture has been on public display in Oregon since the time of Lorado Taft and the Eagle’s Nest Art Colony in the early 1900s.

The Oregon Sculpture Trail began in 1911 with the creation of Lorado Taft's sculpture, "The Eternal Indian," - commonly referred to as the Black Hawk statue. Since then, Oregon's legacy of art has expanded to include numerous pieces found around town and now includes 14 sculptures.

Today, visitors to Oregon can enjoy a sculpture tour while driving through Oregon on Illinois Route 2.

Click here to download their brochure, which includes a map.

The Community Art Legacy was a contemporary project which added award-winning public sculptures throughout the city of Oregon starting in 2004. There are now 14 sculptures chosen from an annual competition and available for public viewing year-round. The annual competition no longer takes place.


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various locations in Oregon
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