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March 11, 2020
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Enjoy a new way to discover Rock Falls or the Hennepin Canal

Rock Falls is a participant in the Koloni Bike Share program.

There are two locations for riders to access the rental bikes. The first location is at the RB&W Riverfront Park in Rock Falls, 201 E 2nd St., right next to the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. The other is on a pad behind the Days Inn by Wyndham, located right off of 1st Ave, right as you exit off I-88 to go north.

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There's an app for this

The bikes are controlled by Bluetooth and an application for your smartphone. The application works with iPhone and Android phones. The rental instructions are posted on the racks and steps to follow are right on the bikes themselves.

Once you download the Koloni Share app, you create an account and input your method of payment. After that, you can simply scan the QR code on the back of the bike and you’re all set to enjoy a ride around town or down the Hennepin Canal!

Rental fee

The current rate is $1.50 per hour. The bikes are equipped with GPS tracking technology. Once you’re done enjoying your ride, all you have to do is line the lock back up with a slot in the rack for the lock to close around and hit, “end ride” on the app. Users are urged to ensure this is done properly to avoid unnecessary charges and to be sure the bike can be available for the next user. Currently, the bikes are set to fit teenagers and adults.

By beautifying our riverfront and giving locals and tourists new ways to enjoy the city, Rock Falls is a great weekend or day trip in northwest Illinois.

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About Koloni Share

Koloni Share was born on the idea that sharing helps knit a community together. Community design solutions are focused around shareable products. They believe that giving people easy access through innovative technologies helps the sharing culture thrive.

Bike locations in Rock Falls

RB&W Riverfront Park
201 E 2nd St.
Rock Falls, IL

Days Inn by Wyndham
2105 1st Ave.
Rock Falls, IL

Contact Information

Rock Falls Tourism (Visit Rock Falls): WEBSITE | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Rock Falls Chamber of Commerce: WEBSITE | Facebook | Instagram


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