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Savanna Vista

720 N 4th St.
Savanna, IL 61074
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This 2 story modern Cape Cod colonial-style home offers all of the comforts and convenience, featuring 3 BR, 3 baths, LR, DR, kitchen. Savanna Vista is set overlooking the historic river town where you will find plenty of places to explore nature via hiking, biking, kayaking, enjoy local eats, or the eclectic combination of pubs and historic sites. It is conveniently within walking distance of downtown restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment. The Palisades State Park is only a short 5-minute drive further north. The trailhead of the 62-mile Great River bike trail begins 7 blocks away. Or stay and enjoy the green space in the back of the house. ​

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720 N 4th St.
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Published in Vacation Rentals
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