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If you would like to submit an event to our Calendar of Events, please fill out the form below.


  1. Fill out the title field
  2. Enter a description into the Event Description field. Be descriptive! Tell us the "who", "what" and "why" of your event.
  3. Click on the Select Category button and then click on the category that best describes your event and then click on the "continue" button.
  4. We need a location for your event so click on the Select Location button and scroll through our preset locations and click one that is appropriate. If your location is not listed then add it to the end of your description.
  5. Click on the Event Date tab
  6. Make sure you set the Date and Time!
  7. Make sure you set the duration of your event!
  8. Click on the Spam Protection tab
  9. Enter the Validation Code in the field
  10. Click on the Event Form tab
  11. Enter the Contact Info for the event. This is the contact info that will be displayed with your event and the public will use to learn more about your event.
  12. When you're done adding the event info, double check your work. You cannot use this form to change the event info after you have submitted it.
  13. Click the Save button to submit.

Once you have submitted your form it will be saved and reviewed by our web staff for publishing. If you have special instructions or concerns please add it at the end of the Event Description field for our staff to read.

If you have any questions please free to call Diane or Lori at 800-678-2108 or email us at [email protected]

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